Pennywise Lyrics - About Time

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About Time

Peaceful Day
Waste Of Time
Perfect People
Every Single Day
Not Far Away
It's What You Do With It
Same Old Story
I Won't Have It
Killing Time

Peaceful Day

Listen up everyone- there's something wrong
We got the answers in our sights now
But somehow we still struggle along
Looking for solutions in a threatening sky
But we never get an answer,
Just a chorus of voices wondering why
We're stuck here- Without a peaceful day
It's a promise in the night, I'll be OK.
The superlative is telling me that help is on the way
Won't someone tell me how- Will I make it through today
Looking towards the future- And all I can see
Is the next generation- Looking back
With pity on me
Hunting for some insight- Or a means to change
But do we have the will to- Or will our
Future look the same
How can I live- When you won't let me in
How can I die- Without reasons why
How can I laugh- When I want to cry
How can I go on- with nothing nowhere
How will I make it

Waste of Time

I got a question for all you sinners
Have you ever wondered is this all there is to life?
A quick adventure- Not much to mention
A slow procession leading us to die
Or is there a heaven- A distant valley
A golden meadow waiting for us in the sky
No one right answer spirit seems broken
Still I just can't help but wonder why
Seems like a tragic waste of time
Who cares what happens when you die?
Life's too short to wonder why
Get on with your life
In towering churches- And holy temples
They all conspired- To tell me how to live my life
But no religion- Or new theism
Could ever provide proof to quench my mind
And now I wonder- Who's sky I'm under
Is there a heaven- waiting for me when I die
No one right answer- Spirit seems broken
And still I can't help but wonder why
So many questions I can't tell the difference
Too many abstract thoughts now wrestle in my mind
But through the darkness somewhere should be waiting
A final truth to shower me with light
Their pearls of wisdom- And tales of glory
They feed me nicely until I found it was all a lie
No one right answer- Spirit seems broken
And still I can't help but wonder why

Perfect People

All the perfect people- Shallow and deceitful
Staring back at me on TV in magazines
Look so good like a box of fresh wrapped twinkies
What the hell happened to me?
So I took a drive to a rich and wealthy country
Saw everything I wanted and everything I need
Went right up and tried to join their party
You oughta seen the look when they saw me
Fucked up eyes- Stupid grin
Perfect people won't let me in
Who's who list- Where's my name
They won't let me join their game
I bet you think that I'm insane
There's no one left for me to blame
Screw the perfect people
Fuck they all look the same
We're not much to look at
Too short, dumb and so fat
Never gonna win a beauty pageant it's a curse
Always gonna be a better doorman
At the best clubs
How could thing's be any worse?
Don't have much to go on don't want your opinion
Don't have much to gain and I ain't got much to lose
Looks like you got it all and I'd really like to get some
You got something I could use

Every Single Day

See all the people- Longing to be
Living their lives regretlessly
Trying to repress the pain in their lives
Reassuring themselves- Living with lies
No way to break through- Not on my own
Can't push away all the sorrow I've known
Have to release every thought or care
And take control life is a dare
I can start over today
Live my life a different way
Can't I find a way to erase bad times to make
Everything OK
I'll start over and live- Every single day
Regrets and memories- No remorse- No apologies
No reason for me to despair- No future at all
Ask if I care
I got time- On my side- Twenty four hours in my life
Can't hang on to what's in my past
Full speed ahead- Hard and fast
At the end with each dropping sun
Can't erase what has been done who cares
What happened long ago- I don't want to know
Can't face tomorrow with these thoughts
Of yesterday
I can't escape the lies and make them go away
Wish I had the answers to help me make it through
Can't shake these images no matter what I do
I guess I'll use them to make a stronger man
I'll use each
Twisted tortured memory to help me understand
And I will learn
From mistakes that everyone makes- I've got
To find a way
I guess I'll have to live with them- every single day


Can't run- Can't hide
No one here gets out alive
It don't get better that's the best you're gonna get
The deal is in now place your bets
Can't eat- Can't sleep
Knowing that nothing's gonna satisfy me
Another blip up on a television screen
Among an ocean of stars
Tonight I will rage- Against the forces of fate
The tide is turning my way
You should know better than to fuck with me
Tonight I will rage against the forces of fate
You best get outta my way
I'm not gonna fade away slowly
Inside- My mind- Is a clock tick-tocking time
Not gonna stop until my last day's done
You wanna try me well come get some
Tempt fate- Can't wait
I gotta get out there's no time to hesitate
Not gonna waste it with the cynical fools
Can't bring me down
And if you want to try this disposition
Sacrifice all you knew
Sanitize your religion
Take your life and renew and do what you wanna do

Not Far Away

Hey- It's my time
To change my direction in life just by reading the signs
Hey- It's my turn
To see how many of my bridges will burn
I feel something breathing down my neck
Thought of tomorrow's got me like a nervous wreck
Not time for sorrow- It's your judgment day
It's not far away- It's not far away
There's a shiny coffin for you to rot in
And waste your days
It's not far away
Hey- I got something to say
Before the spirit of life starts slippin' away
I'm not gonna end my life
Wishing for one more chance again to get it right
I hear voices echo from the grave
Whispering softly- It's your judgment day
Hey- I won't rest in peace
Until this world is sick of hearing from me
Hey- Get outta my way
I got a lot more living to do before my
Judgment day


I got some shit for sale you ought to get some
You'll be the highest guy who ever lived
It might kill you man you won't even know it
I can feel your best sense starting to give
You take the chance you lose control
The lessons from your past you need to know
Take one more hit of base
That shit is gonna blow up in your face
Ripping glass shards through your heart
You got a problem man you ought to fix it
You think you're getting high well guess again
Until it's too late well you won't even know it
You better stop before you hit a dead end
When you out on the street
A different story every time we meet
You been hanging with a different crowd
Your acting tough and your talking loud
It's getting worse for you every single day
a bad habit and it won't go away
Where you gone where's my best friend
I can't help you cause you won't let me in

It's What You Do With It

Too much time in this same place got to get out
An undenying feeling- I gotta get away
Too many thoughts in one space- I've finally had it
A dream now takes me to a secret place that lies
So far away
It's what you do with it- It's what you've waited for
And when you find it- A place where no one has
Been before
I know I gotta listen to my mind 'cause if it happens
To me
I'm sure it happens to you sometimes
Find a place you can go- Where nobody knows
You should listen to yourself sometimes
I'm sure it happens to you- I know it happens to
Me sometimes
Find a place you can go- Where nobody knows
Nobody knows
Gone and without a trace- I'd like to have it
Taking only with me- Good dreams of yesterday
And my best friends with whom I'll share
This Journey
Our mental bags are packed cause we're leaving
Here today
It's what you do with it
It's what you've waited for


You've been looking for me in the most obvious places
Still I'm nowhere to be found
I'm perched atop the tallest buildings in the city
And I'm intrigued as I look down
All the ants below share the same comfortable existence
But they still wear the same frown
What a shame that they can't see the beauty
That's surrounding them when there's so much all around
Try- Don't choose to walk away
There's a part in your soul it just takes
Time to find it
When you- Try- Take time and seize the day
Cause after today's gone
You'll never have the chance again
So try
While I sit here with so many thoughts
I'm listening to the rain
Falling to the ground
I'm just hoping one day soon all the unhappy people find
Solace in the sound
And listen to the old clichés that all the elders say
That life goes by too fast
I just wish there was some way that I could stop the clock
And make the good times last
Don't throw it all away- No one day's the same
You must realize- It's all in your mind
Don't emphasize the pain- On one particular day
If you feel you're starting to slide
Just pull yourself together
Remember all that matters is you try

Same Old Story

It's patience trying- When you tell me how to live
Well you don't know anything
Your expectations are wearing thin
You won't even take a look- To see another way
You aren't even listening
Take your ideals and go away
I'm not cut from the same old mold
I don't read from the same old story
I', not cut from the same mold
Don't know who you think I should be
I'm not cut from the same mold
I don't read from the same old story
I'm not cut from the same mold
Done with yours- I'm living my life for me
Tell me father- Did I turn out so bad
Didn't I look up to you
Took every piece of advice you had
Go to School- Get a job
Send me on your way
You aren't even listening
Take your dreams and go away
For so long I tried to understand
the qualities you thought made up a real man
Now it's time for me to find out for myself
I'm getting fed up I don't need your help
You never listen to both sides of the story
You never listen- You won't listen to me

I Won't Have It

A model brother- a model dad
A model citizen has somehow turned out bad
Pledging allegiance to another flag
Lifelong devotion to a man they think was far from mad
the written word from they think their peers
A little propaganda they became white warriors
Bred on deception and bred on fear
They don't hear the barrage of lies
That pass right through their ears
When your head feels like it's real close to imploding
And your life is revolving around hate
All that shit your brain is overloading
With help from papers and magazines
Another sheltered boy chooses what he will not see
Views so distorted how can this be
When the love for hate is the basis for reality
Another headline another bash
Another harmless victim beaten up and not for cash
Insanity well when will it end- If you don't give it up
You'll never have the chance to make amends
You cannot keep it all inside
You've got to leave it all behind
You got a bullet in your head(Z. De La Rocha)
It's time to make a stance now make it
A bloody picture- Psychotic dream
Choosing to follow the worst lesson in all history
Just get a future yeah get a life- Cause if you don't
Instead of mourning they'll be celebrating when you die

Killing Time

On my TV- Violent images flash across my screen
A world of hate- Staring at the rise in murder rate
I can't believe what we've become
Is all hope lost to everyone
A battered wife- Waits for us to hear
Her screams tonight
A child of war- Wonders what we're all fighting for
I look and think how can this be?
What causes all our suffering?
Eyes wide open we can't see
I can't understand- It's out of hand
To me we're all just killing time
Killing time
Killing time- We're ruining our lives
Still we all refuse to see the signs
A ruthless gang- Teaches all kids to act insane
Religious right- Is buying up guns for
A hell of a fight
Another victim lies in pain-
A serial killer waits for fame
Have we all gone insane?
I can't understand- It's out of hand
To me we're all just killing time
Killing time
I can't believe- There's got to be-
Some way to break through
I think that I- Will have to try- Or I'll lose my mind
We're all killing time