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Land Of The Free ?

Time Marches On
Land Of The Free
The World
Fuck Authority
Something Wrong With Me
My God
Twist Of Fate
Who's On Your Side
It's Up To You
Set Me Free
Divine Intervention
Anyone Listening


time has changed what's going wrong you can only regress as time marches on down with the system enough of the lies you can only realize if you open up your eyes

i don't know if we're ever gonna see tell me what's gone wrong with society got no future this is no life for me and i don't just what went wrong all that i know it's gone on too long got no future there is no life for me not for me

look ahead what is our fate to make the same mistakes that we made yesterday or do we try to save ourselves or sit back and laugh as it all goes to hell


land of the free and we're untied make our destiny we take control never divided we got the power and we'll never be divided we fall

land of the free to conspire to control destiny oh yeah you're gonna see there's no use resisting you live in the land of the free free to control your life the land of the free free to control your mind the land of the free

democracy united nations of hypocrisy profit's our goal we're incorporated it's big business and oil companies controlling us all


hatred from your closed mind nothing you think is gonna change your actions speak so loud you've got to try a different way we live together we're worlds apart down on the streets because we're too proud no one will ever admit defeat

the world is a smoking gun that is loaded and soon it's gonna blow you away up till now nobody has noticed but we're going to have our say

where do we draw the line nobody seems to have clue we're at each other's throats cause we don't share a point of view so what's the problem can't see beneath the shade of skin a vicious circle a human race no one can win

it's just a state of mind it's not reality it's all psychosomatic static inhumanity a savage mental sickness that plagues the human race and it's going to blow up in your face


someday you gotta find another way you better right your mind and live by what you say today is just another day unless you set your sights and try to find a way

i say fuck authority silent majority raised by the system now it's time to rise against them we're sick of your treason sick of your lies fuck no we won't listen we're gonna open your eyes frustration domination feel the rage of a new generation we're living we're dying and we're never gonna stop trying

you know the time is right to take control we got to take offense against the status quo no way not gonna stand for it today fight for your rights it's time we had our say


i'd like to encourage you to believe the tings i do fact is something's wrong inside of me at times i find it hard to see what i really want to be and that's when something snaps inside of me i was once just like you born without a fucking clue and now i live my life to be free live your life jesus christ trouble in paradise mom and dad they're not too proud of me

they're not too proud of me they're not too proud of me i'm never gonna be it's so plain to see you are not like me

look at what you've done to me a product of society confusion on your face is plain to see i don't like your attitudethink i'm lost think i'm rude your opinion's invalid to me you don't like my tatoos how does this dishonor you don't you know what's inside of me sick and tired of all the lies when will you realize i'm proud just being me yeah yeah i can't believe hopeless indecision's got a hold of me yeah yeah it's plain to see i'm a product of society there's something wrong with me there's something wrong with me never gonna be what you wanna be you are not like me


well it comes as no surprise don't you realize you cant back up deceit with more sad alibis cause you never are to blame driving you insane cause when your words are gone the damage still remains

you don't wanna believe that you're human just like me i'm not the enemy (by blaming me you gain control) you're just like me (you want a scapegoat for your crimes) i'm not the enemy

it seems impossible to me a tragic comedy that i'm the villain in your twisted fantasy but to me its not a game driving me insane we're all just victims in your sinister charade


people on the street they want to find a god they'll never know organized religion pulls the blinds then they pull the wool they open up your head they're fucking with your mind now you can't see because you're blind you try to make amends but your heads still spinning round the church of jesus christ says it's time don't fuck around you want to go to heaven you see it isn't free give your money up to me

my god is not the one that you wanna to see your god is a mirage a conspiracy you pray for forgiveness cause your sinning scared to death so your money you'll be giving

holier than thou with your one way morality i think your shallow faith isn't based in reality you don't like how were living we're sinful and obscene why are you judging me? you're richer than god but you're crying out for more you're living like a king while you steal from the poor you wanna be forgiven get on your knees and pray send in your cash and be saved better hope you've been chosen to be saved cause your empathy only goes so far today pay no mind to those in pain they just want the souls that are willing to pay their way your god's not for me


feels great when you get the runaround life you led was full of lies too late when you start to look around all you find is wasted lives do you want to obliterate some things you don't understand since you want to succumb to fate watch the world slip through your hands

you get the feeling that its never gonna change it doesn't mean a thing your life's not gonna end doesn't mean a thing don't say goodbye my friend cause it doesn't mean a thing a simple twist of fate no it doesn't mean a thing you start to get the feeling that it's never gonna end it doesn't mean a thing

you hate when you start to think about things in life that could have been too late its not gonna turnaround can't escape the mess your in do you wish there was a way to stop the fickle hand of fate or do you give in to the urge and kill the very thing you hate do you feel alive for the first time?


looking ahead not far away someday soon but not today things may get better things may get worse depending on who gets there first nothing in common nothing will change together we'll go our separate ways nothing to stop us from caving in someone's got to lose when someone wins

look at the world you're living in someday you'll have to pick a side for the rest of your life who's on your side

a voice in the dark a light in the haze a flame that burns then fades away alone in the night a ship lost at sea a state of emergency with no way of knowing what's coming next survival of who fits in best looking for answers but where to begin we all want to know how this one ends this isn't make believe a faded picture show as we drown you're slowly letting go


i see things happening they fall before my eyes pretend i'm blind like i could never see the heartache that's not mine and fills my head can i just laugh away the sights that tear my soul and make me sick no i could never be so cold to look away

is it so wrong to want to make a difference? i'd like to think there's no excuse is it a crime to want things better for yourself? how you wanna live is up to you

wish i could be like you indifferent to it all like life's a joke sarcastic cynical like everything's o.k. but it just won't work in life you have to choose to stay at home and hide or stand up and fight if caring's my offense then i proudly stand accused so how about you


life is a lesson you can never learn for free a time keeps on slippin' like a faded memory i got the answers staring right in front of me time heal my soul

set me free i stand about face my mission you don't know what you've been missing'

there is a reason for all that comes to be my troubled life riddled with dark insanities i need solutions for the pain that surrounds time here's my soul


you don't need divine intervention for all the things that you never can face you don't need good intentions cause in the end it is all just a waste we all need an endless vacation from all the problems the world can provide we just need reconciliation to repair what is wrong in our lives

i can't face the day don't want to try i want to waste away till i'm lost save me from all the chaos i'll radiate till i'm gone so wait so many things that i'll never break away wait save your answers there's nothing when you're gone from here

it's only another day wasted that's replayed in the back of your mind a snapshot that you suffocated among the shadows and little white lies you don't need a crude benediction a pale savior you can sacrifice you just need a new definition when you're feeling alone in the night


i just can't understand and i don't know how anyone can cause with every passing day it gets worse in every way it's time that we make a stand i sit here and wonder why how many more people got to die before we're gonna learn how many got to burn until we all realize

see it everyday it never goes away never slowing always growing never going away this is the day you'll see our way we've had enough some things are gonna change the future's bright people unite better believe you're in for a fight

behind smiles and pageantry lies a vile and sadistic history insidious design deceitful and sublime feeding on misery

the world's got a bad disease and i think i got a fucking remedy a molotov cocktail freedom will prevail a new world society we're not gonna be ignored believe us this means war something you can trust you shouldn't fuck with us we're not gonna take it anymore


far below beneath a burning hot sun our civility's waking up hate your neighbor cause he's not your kind fell out of favor now he's out of luck get in your car fuel up and get a job you got no worries you don't care that much pass the beggars as they lie out on the street just look away and roll your windows up you don't have to worry - he's not one of us yeah

is there anyone listening to this beautiful tragedy is there anyone watching this wonderful nightmare don't care much you'd rather kill

check out johnny as he plays out in the street keeps to himself he doesn't say too much can't get along with the kids in school likes to make bombs and blow things up his mom and dad think everything's fine they got no worries they don't care that much all that tension bottled up inside one day soon now he's gonna erupt