Pennywise Lyrics - Unknown Road

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Unknown Road

Unknown Road
Time To Burn
Its Up To Me
You Can Demand
City is Burning
Dying to Know
Try to Conform
Give and Get
Clear Your Head

Unknown Road

so you're currently content
with your surroundings
you possess a vague
sense of accomplishment
did you give all you had to give
or did you give conservative
do you think that all the years
that passed you by we're all well spent
pictures of everyday life spark memories
and certain things
pull triggers in your mind
what would be different now
if you were there than here
what passages, what fantasies lie just
beyond the unknown road
do you know, the miracles that could be found
they're waiting
down the unknown road
so it goes
a few more cornerstones
that could be yours
ever get the thought you were mistaken?
Ever think about the stones
you left unturned? More chances slip away with
every passing day
suffering with cold
you've so afraid you might get burned
and wondering can take its toll yeah
and wondering you can rack your skull
and wondering can send
your imagination up a tree
wondering what fantasies lie
just beyond the unknown road
time is right now of the essence - time is right to learn your lessons
time is all that you have left - things you've contemplated
the unknown road is one
time is right now of the essence
time is right to learn your lessons - time is right now of the essence
time is all that you have left - things you've contemplated
the unknown road is one


I walk down my old street
used to be home for me and
now there's spray paint on the walls
I see a house that at one time looked nice
but now it is abandoned
there's nothing left at all
so why, why, must we let our chances fly
when oh when oh will we ever see hope again
why, why, why, is it so hard to say good-bye
well oh well at least I can still remember when
our city used to be such a beautiful place
now you can't walk down the street
the same and think you'll see the same
my hands are in the air
it makes no sense to me
I cannot explain this tragedy
my first trip to the city
I remember thinking
that the buildings stood so tall
and when I see that my old stomping ground
is just a city ravaged
they seem small now rather
feels like I'm living in someone else's dream
it don't seem this is the way
that things should be

Time to Burn

time - never bothered me
till I saw it slipping slowly away from me
and time took my years away
give me back my memories of a better day
and now I've got a lot to lose
I've got a lot to learn
and no time to burn
rain - spoiled a sunny day
till I saw those cleansing drops
took the dirt away
and change always frightened me
till I changed into the man I always
knew I could be

Its Up To Me

held down by a heavy sky
I followed rules and I don't know why
ignored the options that I could not see
indecision had a hold of me
followed the path that was forced by fate
I never saw the hour was getting late
I never cared what I turned out to be
I sensed something wrong now its up to me
I got the chance now I'm gonna take it
I don't know I might not even make it
I'll follow rules that are made up by me
I wasted time to long now it's up to me
it's up to me to be all I can be (R.W. Emerson)
it's up to me
looked to the past for some history
looked for the sum of humanity
a list of laws they passed down through time
a ruthless plot to control my mind
I gotta make a plan for myself
can't look to you can't look to anybody else
only this way am I truly free
I wasted time too long now it's up to me
all the rules that I see
have taken hold inside of me
so much to loose so many kinds
one thing comes to mind - time
I gotta make a plan for my life
I gotta take the time to get it right
I gotta be the person I gotta be
I gotta make a plan and now
it's up to me.

You Can Demand

hey listen people, I'd like to say
a million minds have a choice but
they choose to walk this way
so when its time to
make your decisions true
remember who it is your fighting for
it's you
no one can tell you how you should feel inside
what's right from wrong is a choice
you make up in your own mind
think you should, well you got time
no matter what the case may be
you can demand.
You can demand what you want and take it you
can command all the rules
and take them you can demand
and when the times
your wanted to do more
just keep your head out of the clouds
and keep your feet on the floor
and when you think that at times
it's tough to do
remember who it is you're
looking out for you
don't let them trick you with fancy words
as long as you're able to see through the lines
you'll be just fine
think you should hurry well you got time
no matter what the case may be you can demand
you can demand what you need and I'll tell you
if you can't understand this way of life
your way of living how you don't like won't
suffice, look at all the things you have
then decide it's your life and realize
you can demand.


life - I was a lonely man
with my lead boots nailed to the floor
dancing the best that I can
sweets - took the pain away
I saw a cold death
at the end of the line
so I started to pray
up towards the sky
but knew no one would answer me
I asked the trees why they
grew toward the sun. I asked the clouds
and they rained down bad luck on my
oh me god why has thou forsaken me
I asked the teachers who taught me rules
to obey. I asked the sages and prophets
through time. Came up nothing but
a hole where my faith had laid no
reason, no rite . . . . .
nothing feels fine tonight
crime it was a price to pay
I found the whole world as guilty as I
it took the danger away
hate - it was so easy to do
you just directed all you anger at fear
and then you follow it through
I went to churches and schools to decide
for me. I went to prophets to plea for
my life. Went to my parents who gave
this dark life to me. Oh my god oh why
hast thou forsaken me. I don't need to
I don't want to. I don't want to
wonder why. If you don't want to
hear my problems well you can fuck
off and die. You do not know.
Don't say you know.
Give me some answers for my life .....
now got some explaining to do
I've got come up with solutions in time
before my future is through
hope - for my new promise today
still I got this strange feeling that
time is slowly slipping away . . . .


you never listen you never know
never the leader you always follow
cause it's you doing it
you say that it's alright
to your self you're lying
I don't wanna see you dying
before you know it you're all alone
your can is empty
you feel such sorrow
you think that using
all your best friends is alright
to yourself you're lyin'
can't you see it can't you feel that your
vices are ruining your life and on and on,
your vices are ruining your life your mind
your vices are ruining your life
why can't you stop that vice
from ending your life
you're always missing
you're always slow
used to be so deep
now you're so shallow
another friend out there
no I don't think it's right
your soul is frying
can't you hear your mother crying
take your medicine
thru your nose
fine today but what about tomorrow
say it does not control you
but think I might
you've hit rock bottom
can't you see it can't you see that
you're telling lies
and for help you are crying
I keep on knocking
but there's nobody home
you're telling lies, living high,
now you're dying
if you want somebody's help
why don't you answer the door.

City is Burning

society reflects tonight
an ugly mirror showing an animal instinct
a twisted way to wrong a right
how many dead before the sun comes arising
lock your doors
and close your eyes
sit back and watch TV
while the problem grows outside
lock your doors
and shut off your minds
while you are safe inside
the city is burning tonight
blinding lights burn in the sky
a mass of shadows
darkness usually hides
animals out of their cage (who will)
burn their own environment
without any shame
so your guess is as good as mine
will any good come out of this
we'll know in time
until that time lets not regress (let's learn)
our lesson before there's another uprising

Dying to Know

i'll carry the torch - feed off my flame
love is the hottest word for me -
it knows my name
and your spirit cuts through me
like a silent sword
and leaves its score inside
everytime I take a chance - take it
everytime a rule to break - break it
everytime I charge my mind - change it
everytime there's a suicide - you know
what's on my mind
you're everywhere I try to hide
i'm threatened by your suicide
i'll test my faith till satisfied
my god I need to know. I know there's
got to be a place
a heaven for the human race
why do I need to die
to go?
I need to know
i'm dyin' to know
well good book says "love"
should be the best thing you can feel
so you gotta stand by your faith
exactly what they say is real
so you push this back in your mind
cause the thought was too intense
that don't make sense
gotta have it, I must know it
here is my only chance
and I ain't gonna blow it
got to know before i'm out of time
i'm all out of time.
It's burning a hole inside of me
answers to the questions I seek
burning a hole inside
keepin' the flame alive.
I will burn this flame until I know
the name I need to know.


I see your problems are all inside
but you don't even know
if you'd start trying to open your mind then
you could just let them go
the more that you know
the less that you know
you'd see those problems
are all inside of your mind
and soon you'll find
your world is going down
you've reached the ground
you can't turn around
you want to start giving up trying
you want to start curling up and dying
now you gotta try to make that test
you gotta start giving your best
you've got to read the signs
before you know where to go
all this confusion
that's trapped in your mind
it's just not helping you grow
I can't see why
just can't believe
that you have chose
to dwell in your own hell
leave it alone
your gonna get through this yourself
leave it alone
your gonna get through this
through your own hell.

Try to Conform

try - still you get no where
try and stay in line
and live by all the rules
they say to follow
try to conform is your head
they'll feed you bullshit
you should swallow
try their style don't give up
you will blend in
it's not tough to give up
when you've tried to try for so long
I can't wait to assimilate
just try to stop me
(you willing try)
but you don't know
pick yourself up by those bootstraps dude
and try
try still you get no where
try and stay in line
and other forms you'll never know
and if you got something to say
I got a shotgun for a muzzle
try their style don't give up
you will blend in
just try to conform
it doesn't feel the same

Give and Get

you sit around here
just complaining bout your life
think you have nothing it's not
and you just want to get out
why don't you take the time
and take your blinders off
you've got to try and make an effort
cause you know that
what you give is/what you get
you have so much just look around
what you give is/what you get
if you just take the time to look
then you will fine
blame spoiled rotten brats
for things that you don't have
as it turns out what they possess
are not things you'd want anyhow
get off your high horse
and turn that frown upside down
got helps those who help those
who help themselves in any sort of
there's opportunities/yet you don't
want 'em
just lie around and/watch em go
just a limp body/that doesn't have fun
do I feel sorry/for you hell no
get off your ass
get with the program
there are so many fun options
waiting outside your front door
think of what you have not what you don't
cause in the end
there's no one who really gives a shit anymore
what you give is what you get and
what you've been giving you've been getting

Clear Your Head

take all that you've read
and all you've heard said
take every little bit of info
clogged up in your head
then play sane game
ream out your crowded brain
you'll feel much better
when you clear your head
I know it's a bitch you gotta try
you lose control and would like to know
the reason why
I know it's a bitch to clear your head
you lose control
then life is over you are dead.
Now you may ask why why such a blue sky
of all the colors on a palette
that you might try
your mental landscape
it won't help you escape
you'll feel much better when you clear your head
and soon you'll see
a much better way to be
you'll see the person that you sought to be
you got to be
get your new clean slate
when all that shit is erased
you'll feel much better