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Statement nach 9/11 vom 21.09.2001 von jim, fletcher, randy und byron


Hey everyone how's it going? I know a lot of you have been posting on the message board and sending emails wanting to know what's going on with us and our feelings about all this craziness. So here goes:

Obviously we are all devastated and heartbroken by the horrible events that took place in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC on September 11. We know the initial statement released by the band was a little vague, so let me try to clarify things a little more. Most of you know our message is a positive one usually touching on self-reliance, hope for the future, and living your life to the fullest. Sometimes we voice our opinions on corruption, political policies, and other various problems in our country and around the world. We stand behind our words 150% with no exceptions. We choose the topics for our songs because we have to. Our words come from many personal and real life experiences, and more importantly from our hearts. We will never apologize to anyone for our opinions and beliefs because that is our right as human beings.

We know that most Pennywise fans are intelligent and compassionate human beings who understand there is a time and a place for everything. As you all know, we live in one of the greatest countries on earth. We do not hate America, as one email said, we love it. We hate the problems it has. So we speak out about them -- governmental lies, police corruption, gun control, racism, drug abuse, lack of family structure just to name a few. We hope that by speaking out on these issues we will evoke a change in our society for the better, both in America and other countries around the world.

Yes, we know all these problems didn't go away on September 11. Yes we know a lot of them never will. But we feel for the time being we have a greater problem that needs to be dealt with. It's a time for Americans to unite and defend the freedoms that have made this country so great. It is time for the world to come together as one and put an end to all terrorist activities and all inhumane acts that have been going on far too long.

These shows have only been postponed. We will be back stronger than ever and our message twice as loud. This is a time for mourning all the innocent lives lost in this senseless act of madness and a time to applaud all the heroic acts of those brave people who lost their lives trying to save fellow Americans.

Our hearts go out to all the friends and families of those who lost lives on September 11 in this tragic event.


P.S. -- And to the guy who said we asked KROQ to pull "Fuck Authority" off the air -- there's no way you could be a true PW fan and talk shit like that on us. First of all, KROQ pulled the song because they were getting complaints. People were saying they liked the song but the topic seemed a little inappropriate for the time being, and we agree. The song was written about police corruption and abuse of authority and we stand by that message 150%. But not all cops are bad people, especially those who lost their lives trying to save others at the World Trade Center on September 11.

Do you think the friends and family of those victims wanted to hear "Fuck Authority" during this time of grief and mourning? It was just in bad taste to be playing the song at this particular time -- just like the other 100 or so songs pulled from the radio stations nationwide. Even Beatles songs have been pulled. As most of you know, radio play is not high on our list of priorities. We play music because we love to and always have and to get our message out to our fans, hopefully having a positive effect on their lives.

If you think we would compromise our beliefs in order to gain success with our second single then you obviously have no idea what Pennywise stands for or what this band is about. Instead of wasting your time complaining about the faults you see in this band, maybe you should be trying to do something more constructive to help the victims of this tragedy -- or at least something positive with your life.